Herrick Wildlife Photography is a source to buy stunning photographic images for anyone who loves nature, wildlife or the out- of- doors!
We are located in Holt, Michigan but love to travel the world to take photographic images of animals and large sized bird life mainly in their natural habitat.
We have travelled from Antarctica and the Arctic Circle to Alaska, Australia, Europe, Galapagos, throughout Canada and especially most of the southern and east Africa countries.

Herrick Wildlife Photography is a husband and wife team.
Bruce concentrates on the image taking and his wife Sandy the business side of selecting
images and monitoring the processing, marketing and printing of those image in many formats.

We photograph wildlife in their natural environment including brown and grizzly bears -
polar bears - bald eagles - whales- penguins - elk - bisons - mountain sheep and goats -
lions - leopards - cheetahs - snow leopards - siberian tigers - giraffes - zebras - elephants -
rhinos - gorillas - african buffalo - a large variety of antelopes - and all the rest of the animals
of these diverse worldwide locations and habitat!!

You will have a hard time finding a wildlife photographer that offers such a large variety of candid wildlife images.

It is our goal to make available for your purchase the very best affordable wildlife images to grace and enhance your home or office.

You can visit our Portfolio by merely clicking on one of the images above via www.herrickwildlifephotography.com.
Our e-mail is bruce.herrick@comcast.net. Telephone number 517-393-0945.
We would love to hear from you.

Click on the image above to begin your journey to the wildlife of the world!

Bruce and Sandy